Treatment of​ residual waste

Besides the water that runs in the production systems, there will always be residual byproducts, as a result of the processes involved with industrial production

The solutions we offer, come to aid industrial producers in order to help them safely manage these byproducts:

  • Treatment of emulsions stemming from the production cycle
  • Compacting of slams resulting from mining operations
  • Consultancy & personnel training for safely managing residual waste

Chemical treatments

In the industrial production cycles the need for treatment and cleaning will always arise at the different points in the circuit. With proper treatment at these points, the whole production cycle will benefit of increased efficiency, lowering costs and increasing the production power overall.

Clasic Water Treatment Company provides industrial operators with a full spectrum of chemical treatments:

  • Treatment of equipment to converse them on stopping
  • Chemical cleanings at key points in the production circuit
  • Purifying ad-water before introducing it into the cycle
  • Anti-foaming treatments for the mettalurgic industry
  • Coagulation of left-over paint for the auto industry