Wastewater treatment

Residual waters are always present in the production cycle. Be it the food industry & lactate productions, auto industry, petro-chemical, coal or paper, the waters that come out of the production cycle need to be treated.

Treatment of industrial wastewaters is mandatory when the waters are reintroduced in the natural cycle through effluents, so that they don’t damage the environment and conform with the legislation (see NTPA 001 and NTPA 002).

Used waters can also be reintroduced in the production cycle to be reused. By recycling wastewaters, companies can reduce water consumption costs and increase the effectiveness of production.

Our expertise and solutions are coming to the aid of all industrial producers, so that they can responsibly manage their wastewaters and efficientize their production cycles:

  •  Treatment of wastewaters for reintroduction in the natural circuit
  • Wastewater recycling to be reused within the production cycle
  • Monitoring and efficientizing the water flow in the production circuits
  • Environmental monitoring on the production sites

Besides industrial water, wastewater is also present in sewage plants, be they household or municipal. Here the issue arises with the need to spill them into effluents, in order to comply with the legislation. To help out with sewage plant treatments, we offer users the following solutions:

  • Wastewater treatment for household sewage plants
  • Wastewater treatment for municipal sewage plants
  • Consultancy & specialized equipment for treatment of wastewaters