Air pollution is a very sensitive point in the global paradigm today.

Monumental efforts are being made in order to slow down climate change and diminish the harmful effects of emissions as a result of extractions and industrial production processes.

In this never-ending race for environmental protection and creating accountability for industrial polluters, Clasic Water Treatment Company has crafted its own solutions program for industrial producers & extractors.

Our pre and post combustion treatment solutions, transform the whole burning process, reducing emissions and efficientizing the production cycle all together:

Increasing thermal transfer efficiency and reducing exit gas temperature from boilers

Cleaning and eliminating deposits that form on burners, ovens and escapes.

Increasing fuel combustion efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions

Consultancy for safely operating burner installations and efficientizing the burning process.

Chemical treatments

In the industrial production circuit there is always the need for treatment and cleaning at many points in the circuit.

Treating appropriately at the points that require intervention

The production cycle is efficient

Costs decrease

Production is increasing

Clasic Water Treatment brings to the industrial operators a complete range of chemical treatments:

Treatment of equipment for preservation when stopped

Clarification of the addition water before being added to the circuit

Chemical cleaning at key points in the production circle

Anti-foaming treatments for the metallurgical industry

Chemical cleaning at key points in the production circuit

Coagulation of the remaining paint for the automotive industry

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