Who is NALCO?

Nalco is synonymous with anything & everything that represents water treatment at a global level. The global giant was founded back in 1928 and has grown constantly across time. In the now, Nalco has fused with Ecolab and it offers the greatest range of chemical treatments for industrial use and automations for efficientizing the production cycle.

Us and Ecolab & Nalco

In (?), Clasic Water Treatment Company partners up with Nalco and becomes their only distributor and representative in Eastern Europe. Presently, our partnership has taken a new scale, and we come to the aid of our Romanian & Eastern European clients, with a full range of chemical treatments, bringing into the game Ecolab & Nalco technologies.

Ecolab & Nalco Tech

Ecolab & Nalco produce solutions that range from water treatment (Nalco Water ), to fossil fuel treatment (Nalco Champion ) and automation solutions for optimizing the production cycle (3D Trasar™)

Our common purpose – to offer industrial producers solutions to optimize their cycles, cutting costs, increasing productivity, while also protecting and monitoring the installations in the plants to avoid damage.

Nalco tech in action

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