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About us

We are Clasic Water Treatment, a company built on a deeply rooted mission – that of offering our clients the best business solutions and to contribute altogether to environmental health. Clasic Water Treatment Company develops and implements solutions for the analysis and treatment of industrial & wastewaters, pollution control, CO2 reduction, optimizing the performance & safety of boilers and energy consumption efficiency.

Starting 2006 we are the only partners of Nalco & Ecolab in Eastern Europe. Working hand in hand with the global giant, we brought to the Eastern European market a complete range of solutions and automations for chemical treatments & efficientizing industrial processes.

What do the numbers tell us

Water is life

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In a study by Ecolab-Greenbiz, done on 86 companies with a turnover of at least $1 billion, the data talks about a heightened attention to water management:

• 74% of interviewed companies say that water is a rising priority for them;

• 59% agreed that water also represents a heightened business risk;

• 88% say that they are ready to actively involve themselves in water consumption management in the next three years.

Green is good

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There’s no secret that pollution is one the biggest challenges of the 21st century. World governments have come to agree that direct and immediate measures have to be taken in order to reduce pollutants produced by the heavy industries.

Key players in the industries have started resorting heavily to chemical treatment solutions, managing to reduce up to 90% of emissions on coal burning, saving money.

Cost cutting

Reducerea costurilor

With regards to water consumption, paper production is one industry that uses and wastes a lot of water resource. By implementing a set of chemical treatment solutions, companies have managed to optimize the chain of production at many key-points.
The results speak for themselves – a cost reduction of 25% on chemicals used, reduction of water consumption of approximately 30 mil. litters/year, translating into annual savings of circa $95.000 in costs associated with water & chemicals used.

Our solutions

Water treatment

The treatment of water is essential in any industry that uses it, to keep the installations functioning at peak capacity, to lower costs & increase productivity all together.

Analyzing and monitoring water

It’s vital that the water entering the production circuit and the one meant for human use, be in perfect balance, and testing it periodically becomes mandatory in order to ensure its quality.

Emission reduction & Chemical treatments

The new global paradigm pressures industrial producers to reduce emissions. All in one, our solutions efficientize production, reducing costs and increasing productivity

Environmental monitoring

E.U. regulations work on the principle “the polluter pays”. To avoid ending up in unpleasant situations as an environmental polluter, our monitoring solutions are created to prevent just that.

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