Only the best

Clasic Water Treatment is the result of continuous evolution and bettering. We have become synonymous with efficiency and love for water. Out of our passion for the purity of water, we have developed a company that only gives the best, both to our clients, but also for mother nature that cares for us all. Drop by drop, our vision for a world that cherishes water as a resource, we are filling a glass from which all our partners drink, all those who have joined us in our mission of promoting the responsible use of water.

Efficiency in all there is

When it comes to efficientizing the processes behind industrial production, the solutions we crafted don’t just solve problems, they fundamentally transform the production cycle. From A to Z, our programs and solutions speak of one thing only – EFFICIENCY:

Optimizing the performance & safety of installations that use water

Analyzing and monitoring of water and emissions

Reducing water use and emissions

Environmental monitoring

Walking the long road, one should choose reliable travel companions!

Years ago, Clasic Water Treatment and Nalco & Ecolab shook hands. From that point on, we started crafting a complete range of diagnostic, treatment & automation solutions of industrial processes that use water, for all industrial producers and municipalities.

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