Water Analysis & Monitoring

Everything we do is about water.

Presently, the amount of water that is used for production & consumption reaches somewhere in between 12 – 15 billion litters, annually, on a global scale.

Considering that only a fraction of the water on Earth is sweet, able to be used for consumption and production, it has to always fit within legal regulation, for consumers and environmental protection alike.

Why do we analyze and monitor water?

Clasic Water Treatment Company sees monitoring & analysis of water as essential pylons of a healthy water circuit, both in nature and in the production cycle. Analyzing water helps us identify potential problems related to corrosions, scale deposits and microbiology, which can cause environmental, material and human damage. With regular monitoring, any potential problems are mitigated right from the start.

We are here to support producers, extractors and municipalities with a complete set of Total Water Management solutions – analysis, treatment and monitoring:

Water analysis

Complete set of water tests

Water monitoring

Water monitoring in the production circuit, the possibility of reintroducing residual water back into the production cycle and ensuring the quality of spillage according to environmental regulations

Automation systems

Implementing automation systems to efficientize monitoring and water flux in all systems

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