Water is life

The statement is not just valid for all living being, but also for the companies and municipalities that use it in industrial processes and for human consumption.

 The correct circulation of water and its quality improve the production process, saving time and money for the users. Moreover, the treatment of water in the production cycle prevents and slows down the degradation of installations, caused by scale deposits, corrosion and microbiology.

Installations that use water

By far the most sensitive elements in the production cycle, installations are the ones that need the most attention when it comes to their well-being. They will inevitably produce scale deposits, corrosions and microbiology.

With boilers and hot water circuitry, we will face corrosions and mineral deposits, which will slow down production and will also represent a hazard risk for the company and personnel.

With cooling circuits, there will also be problems like corrosions, scale deposits and microbiology, which will decrease the production yield, by decreasing the thermic transfer coefficient in between the cooling system and the one that needs cooling

Our solutions come to support producers in any industry, helping them protect their installations, efficientize their production cycle and reduce costs all-together:

Treatment of water and installations for corrosions, scale deposits and microbiology

Consultancy & training for the safe exploitation of water installations

Analyzing and monitoring the water within the installations

Automations & equipment for efficientizing the circuit of water and production cycles

Wastewater treatment

Household consumption-water treatment

Treatment of residual waste

Micro-organism treatments

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